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  • Coset — In mathematics, if G is a group, and H is a subgroup of G, and g is an element of G, then gH = {gh : h an element of H } is a left coset of H in G, and Hg = {hg : h an element of H } is a right coset of H in G. Only when H is normal… …   Wikipedia

  • Coset enumeration — In mathematics, coset enumeration is the problem of counting the cosets of a subgroup H of a group G given in terms of a presentation. As a by product, one obtains a permutation representation for G on the cosets of H. If H has a known finite… …   Wikipedia

  • Coset leader — In the field of coding theory, a coset leader is defined as a word of minimum weight in any particular coset that is, a word with the lowest amount of non zero entries. Sometimes there are several words of equal minimum weight in a coset, and in… …   Wikipedia

  • Coset conformal field theory — In theoretical physics, a coset conformal field theory is a conformal field theory that describes the degrees of freedom not included in a smaller conformal field theory H but included in a bigger conformal field theory G. The coset is called G/H …   Wikipedia

  • Coset construction — In mathematics, the coset construction (or GKO construction) is a method of constructing unitary highest weight representations of the Virasoro algebra, introduced by Peter Goddard, Adrian Kent and David Olive (1986). The construction produces… …   Wikipedia

  • coset — noun Date: 1910 a subset of a mathematical group that consists of all the products obtained by multiplying either on the right or the left a fixed element of the group by each of the elements of a given subgroup …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • coset — /koh set/, n. Math. a subset of a group, formed by the consistent operation of a given element of the group on the left or right of all the elements of a subgroup of the group. [1925 30; CO + SET] * * * …   Universalium

  • coset — noun Of a subgroup, a copy of that subgroup multiplied by some element from the parent group …   Wiktionary

  • coset — n. subgroup within a larger set that is received by doubling a given member of the set by all of the members of a given subset (Mathematics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • coset — escot …   Anagrams dictionary

  • coset — [ kəʊsɛt] noun Mathematics a set composed of all the products obtained by multiplying each element of a subgroup in turn by one particular element of the group containing the subgroup …   English new terms dictionary

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